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Verifine Skinny Rings are designed to be worn singly or as combinations. The concept is to allow the wearer to change the style and look of their ring combination, easily and quickly. And also to do so in an affordable manner. Our 18 carat gold fully set eternity rings, start from just £395 for the pink or yellow sapphire versions.

They can be worn next to your existing wedding ring and engagement ring. They can be worn alone or in groups. They add coulour, sparkle and character to your hands. They are collectable. Currently we have 6 different gemstones available in 3 different coloured golds. But there will be more gemstone versions available in the future, as well as a new skinny design.

Our story

Verifine was founded in London by husband and wife team Neil and Wendy Duckorth. Our objective was to create a range of skinny eternity rings using diamonds and precious gems set in a full circle in 18 carat gold.

Skinny rings that could be worn individually or together with an engagement ring ans weedding ring, or stacked in combinations of 2 or 3 rings.

Verifine skinny rings are beautifully crafted using the best quality raw materials and the latest setting techniques. Each individual diamond and precious stone is set in its own 4 claw setting. This ensures the safety of each stone, whilst allowing the gems to sparkle and glitter.

The diamond we use are all high quality round stones that are G/H in colour and naturally are conflict free. Our coloured sapphires, black diamonds and green garnets are also of the highest quality and are all full cut natural stones.

Verifine rings are afforsable. By reducing the number of stages from manufacture to you, we are able to offer our quality 18 carat gold skinny rings at very reasonable prices.

We hope you enjoy looking throught our first collection and chossing your own individual combination.

Neil and Wendy Duckworth
Neil and Wendy Duckorth - Verifine - Joaillerie JO'S